Образец конкурсной работы

«My future profession».

My profession is a technician servicing computers and computer networks. Many people do not realize how important this profession is.

Generally, an automated information system (AIS) is a system that completely or almost computerized.

Profession itself involves various databases for a particular structure.
We can start with the fact that any large enterprise is required in highly automated and information systems in it’s structure, to facilitate paperwork, increase the speed of the various units.

One of the arguments in support of the AIS is a significant simplification of work and a reduction in personnel costs.

In addition, experts believe that the percentage of errors in the paperwork, much higher than the automated exchange of documents. From these observation, we can conclude that an automated company is a successful company.

In conclusion, I can say that, although the majority of entrepreneurs refuse to build their information system there are innovators who are willing to experiment and go for the tiny risks. Summarizing, we can say information technology is developed, and our profession will be in demand always and everywhere.